Revisiting the past through the body

I’ve been seeing a depth hypnosis therapist for a few months now and i must say, it’s one of the most powerful one on one healing practices that i have experienced. or maybe i shouldn’t associate me crying as “powerful “, considering that i did cried in the last 2 sessions. still, what has got me excited about this form of healing has been the somatic feedback. If there was one thing I’ve learn in the last few years with a variety of healing modalities is to listen to my body and the energy of nature. […]


the liminal gap year

I decided to call this upcoming year ‘the liminal gap’ as an honor to my therapist of the same name. I particularly like her explanation on the concept and i thought it was appropriate given that I am ending a chapter in my life. And so i am not quite starting on the next chapter but it is the year of coming into being. This will be the second time I have left my rather comfortable lifestyle and questionable habits of a life style ‘entrepreneur’. I am reminded of that Mark Twain (i think) quote about […]


thoughts from the mountain

enjoying a weekend at sierra hot springs by myself and taking the the chance to get more clarity on things. granted, even these solo therapeutic solo adventures are filled with things to do. it’s quite easy for us humans to fill out days with busyness and i think back about my time in the desert on the vision quest. it was definitely one of the few times in my life where i had to face the darkness and pain of my soul and wasn’t constantly distracted by activities. to be honest, i didn’t even do a very […]


the parents

probably one of my least favorite subjects to think about. in my teenage years i blame them for the bulk of the misery i felt. in my twenties, the fruition of abandonment came to being but i wasn’t too angry about it. it continued to perpetuate into my thirties and only during my marriage ceremony with neither of them there did the loss come to physical form. and then i visited the lost child during my vision quest and i know there is still work to be done in this area. i think about my original contract, […]


molasses of inertia

i am really feeling the landscape of my island these days. even though my vision quest had shone a spotlight in this glaring part of my life, i am still feeling pretty stuck in my habitual patterns of being not particularly social. i am using my fatherhood/work is very challenging excuse to have a very low dosage of social interactions and there are times that it becomes slightly embarrassing. of course, i’ve surround myself by mostly very busy/non family oriented people as well. undoubtedly, i don’t need a lot of friends. just a few good ones that […]

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