the end of 07

it’s rather simple of me to just list all the intense and life changing things that have happen to me this year. undoubtedly, it has been my biggest year of change (more like transformation) in the past 5 years and the ride has not even plateau yet. there’s so much that i should have written but the intensity of the experience has left little time left for anything but the experience. unfortunately, as the year comes to a near end, death looms around the corner, forcing us to put everything in perspective. of late, i have witness […]

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instead of complaining to myself about the fact that i haven’t anything in ages, i thought i focus on something a bit more positive. being the critical bastard that i am, i can’t help but think about all the little things that make something less than “perfect”. the irony is that i am not a ‘perfectionist’ by nature but just a sloppy critic that gets no where with my criticalness. alas, i will be making a violent effort to change my vocabulary by removing the word ‘but’ out of my daily usage. the word is a passive […]

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the passionless lover

it is almost regrettable that i am unable to find the time to get lost in my smoked filled mind. the bright side of not finding to time to write about it is actually experiencing it. like the great masters like to say, don’t read books on meditation and just do it. although i am not exactly on that groove of action, this summer has been unusually fun and sexy, filled with a wide spectrum of experiences. my lovely lover has lead me away from the path of work, back to the path of living.  within 4 […]

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the grateful

the grateful one remembers that he is living in one of the greatest cities, doing what he loves, loving the greatest love, and is on the path to transcendence. he can not ask for anymore but to give back that was never his.

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my arrogance got a good spanking recently. it gets away too with much when it’s used to being in control and right in some sick way. generally, i don’t think don’t pretend to know about something that i have little experience or knowledge with. but it would seem that through my astute observation of my own upbringing and being around kids from my immediate family, i had develop a rather one sided opinion on the nature of child rearing. although i have apologize to her about the matter, i feel like the biggest ass about the manner […]

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