it’s rather simple of me to just list all the intense and life changing things that have happen to me this year. undoubtedly, it has been my biggest year of change (more like transformation) in the past 5 years and the ride has not even plateau yet. there’s so much that i should have written but the intensity of the experience has left little time left for anything but the experience. unfortunately, as the year comes to a near end, death looms around the corner, forcing us to put everything in perspective. of late, i have witness how much of my daily perspective has been tainted towards the glass is half full sort of mentality. i think the price of this perspective is much higher than i care to admit and i hope to remedy this before it sours more grapes. the source of all these changes and awareness has evoked by my incredible lover. every day, i am become more aware of the monster that my ego has become and how much damage it has done to my friends, family and to my lover. when i lay witness to how much my ego hurts her, i realize how much work i need to do. never have i love anyone so much and never have i hurt anyone as much.