The year in data

I started some data tracking this year in areas that i wanted to improve in. the business has been going through the exercise of tracking quite a bit and i wanted to just the same technique on my personal metrics. a bunch of these numbers are collated across different apps since i switch a few these years for tracking.

For fitness, i started with endomondo app and switch to strava mid year.
Running ~ 670 miles
Cycling ~ 181 miles
Mediation ~ 80 hours

I am going to have a modest goal of doubling everything next year!

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big sur marathon

I am officially borderline scare about running tomorrow. it seems that my body is subtly telling me that i am not ‘ready’ to run it. first off, i feel at a 70% health level for various reasons. body is aching as if i am having the beginning of some fever. it may have to do with my run last yesterday as i got into carmel valley. great run but may have been more chilly than i admitted. then sleeping in a pretty cold cottage probably didn’t help. And the past week has been allergy hell. lastly, i […]

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running shirtless in the woods

is like being a born again human. there’s primal joy and connection that comes with running in the woods ‘barefoot’. i signed up for 18 mile trail run this november so i needed to pick up my training. just been averaging 4-6 miles on a regular basis near the home but it’s been a long time since i ran in the trails. i got myself some new vibram five fingers designed for trial running and it definitely lives up to it’s design. i was running on some gnarly loose dirt and steep hills and the traction […]

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