I am officially borderline scare about running tomorrow. it seems that my body is subtly telling me that i am not ‘ready’ to run it. first off, i feel at a 70% health level for various reasons. body is aching as if i am having the beginning of some fever. it may have to do with my run last yesterday as i got into carmel valley. great run but may have been more chilly than i admitted. then sleeping in a pretty cold cottage probably didn’t help. And the past week has been allergy hell. lastly, i am coughing like a wimp that has never run a mile. yeah, i am acting like a wimp before race day but compared to all the other ‘endurance’ challenges i’ve entered, running a marathon seems to be the more challenging in my mind. everything previous to this was on a bike and most of my life has been a bike junkie. and the concept of body injury is real here. on the bike, the worse is a sore neck, ass and thighs. being that my knee is not great and i am running ‘bare footed’, i am a bit worried to say the least. i should probably go to more workshops to learn more about when my body’s breaking point is but for some reason, i am playing ignorant this time around. suck it up and play that mental game that i play when i push myself.