family history

we recently did our first family reunion on a disney cruise last year. granted, being on a cruise ship especially one by disney isn’t on one of my top 100 things to do in life, i embraced for the sake of the reunion. in the last 25 years since i’ve been in the bay area, i can count with one and half hand on how many times, i’ve visited family whether it be cousins in philly or my brother/dad in texas. like most immigrant families, this particular reunion was the first time we publicly acknowledge the ‘sacrifice’ […]



Recently went to Austin again to visit my college roommate and family. It’s probably the 4-5th time I’ve been to there and the city is growing on me. There is something sweet about being able to swim in fresh water river and being able to see the city line. I wish I wasn’t injured, otherwise, I would have check out the trails and really get to know the city from the aspect of being in nature. Still, it definitely feels pretty lush in the part of Austin I was visiting. Anyway, while I was hanging out with […]


Beyond The Cushion Project

The last several years I have been working on ‘side’ project about documenting what Buddhism in the West looks like through the eyes of lay practitioners. Given the scope of the project and the hobby like nature of time being spent on it, progress was rather slow on it. On recently, the confluence of a number of signs has propel me to expand and commit to the project on a whole new level. During my liminal gap year, I am hoping to spend at least 40-60% of my time on the road working on […]


Death Valley Spring Break

i know i’ve been to death valley along time ago but to be honest, this time around, I got to appreciate it on a whole new level. Of course, my feelings around death valley on this trip reminded me of my internal journey in death valley a few years ago in my vision quest. By the end of the trip, the energy of the desert had grown on my considerably. there is something magical about the vast expanse and stillness of the desert. there were times when i am reminded of being at burning man when you […]


summer 17

i thought about heading out to tahoe this labor weekend but decided against it for some reason. so instead, i looked at my pictures from the past summer and i must say, it was quite an enjoyable summer of getaways. a couple of national parks, at least 5 kayak trips on gorgeous lakes and plenty of running. Yes, i am feeling very grateful to have the time/mind and body to enjoy the abundance of life and nature.

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