This was my second time at crater lake and it was much later in the season than my previous visit. At close to 7K ft in elevation, by mid September it was already in the mid 30s so it was fairly chilly and I was glad to be in my cozy Serenity. Anyway, I stumbled upon a ride around the rim event and had a pretty amazing time doing about 40 mile ride around the lake. Being probably one of the less popular national parks and being late in the season, the few hikes I did without bumping into anyone just added to the serene energy. Still, I barely had about 3 days there and it wasn’t really enough but bad weather roll in pretty fast and I didn’t really want to deal with being cold and wet in such a gorgeous place. Probably in my 10 top national parks list for sure but you really have to experience the water during the summer months to appreciate the purity and stillness of this place.