Clarity in stillness

I’ve been ruminating about my visual essays on the road and one of the themes i’ve been thinking about is landscape as a reflection of my state of mind. As part of my shamanic journey practice, i am planning on asking nature to be my guide and maybe document that ‘conversation’. Anyway, I stumble upon a reflection pool whilst in Seattle for another corporate gig and i had some fun with the compositions. On unlike settling my own mind through meditation, the clarity of insight has become easier but as I am learning, insight isn’t really sufficient. […]


lonely nights

i landed late into boston on a work trip and wasn’t in the mood for bed so i did what i rarely do these days, street photography. as i recall, it was street photography that jump started my keen interest in photography but invariably, I lack the patience for the form and the intimacy i like with portraiture. as preparation for my epic journey of content creation, i decided to get to learn a little more about one of my fixed lens compact camera that i really use (except mostly for trail running) and i am […]


End of era portraits

The kiddo and I did all final walk around our working class neighborhood and did some cheesy portraits as a marker of this day.


family history

we recently did our first family reunion on a disney cruise last year. granted, being on a cruise ship especially one by disney isn’t on one of my top 100 things to do in life, i embraced for the sake of the reunion. in the last 25 years since i’ve been in the bay area, i can count with one and half hand on how many times, i’ve visited family whether it be cousins in philly or my brother/dad in texas. like most immigrant families, this particular reunion was the first time we publicly acknowledge the ‘sacrifice’ […]


ice skating

it was super nice to witness her going to holding on to my leg ever so tightly to dad, leave me alone. all within an hour, i saw how fear transformed into joy. i hope i was able to help that transformation!

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