we recently did our first family reunion on a disney cruise last year. granted, being on a cruise ship especially one by disney isn’t on one of my top 100 things to do in life, i embraced for the sake of the reunion. in the last 25 years since i’ve been in the bay area, i can count with one and half hand on how many times, i’ve visited family whether it be cousins in philly or my brother/dad in texas. like most immigrant families, this particular reunion was the first time we publicly acknowledge the ‘sacrifice’ and success of our ‘dynasty’.  it wasn’t really all that epic but when you consider the relative success most of us have achieved in this lifetime in the context of where we came from, there is definitely a hint of pride in the family. Still, there are oddities such as my father, my mom and myself when it comes to certain lifetstyle choices and we’re usually the odd one in these family manners. granted, we’re all quite use to it by now so it doesn’t really mean much but i really did enjoy the pictorial presentation by my uncles. given that uma was giving me a hard time for taking too many photos of her, i relish in the few photos of my childhood that i had with my cousins. it’s so hard for me to remember any of the contexts of the attached images and i have to wonder if my own daughter will forget most of the context of photos of her growing up. as an adult and when i started becoming a photographer, the medium has served as a key frame in greyness of my consciousness. i am able to recall some powerful emotions when i look back at these photos from the past 20 years of my life.