Recently went to Austin again to visit my college roommate and family. It’s probably the 4-5th time I’ve been to there and the city is growing on me. There is something sweet about being able to swim in fresh water river and being able to see the city line. I wish I wasn’t injured, otherwise, I would have check out the trails and really get to know the city from the aspect of being in nature. Still, it definitely feels pretty lush in the part of Austin I was visiting. Anyway, while I was hanging out with […]


Death Valley Spring Break

i know i’ve been to death valley along time ago but to be honest, this time around, I got to appreciate it on a whole new level. Of course, my feelings around death valley on this trip reminded me of my internal journey in death valley a few years ago in my vision quest. By the end of the trip, the energy of the desert had grown on my considerably. there is something magical about the vast expanse and stillness of the desert. there were times when i am reminded of being at burning man when you […]



in my typical fashion, i didn’t think too much about the implication of signing up for 120 mile race at high elevation when in reality i was wholly unprepared for such a physical feat. As I spoke to other participants on how they prepare for the adventure, my suspicion was confirmed that I was mostly out of my league. Which is not to say that there weren’t other less prepared racers and when compared to them, i would have done fine. of course in hindsight, i did pretty good considering how little i train. pretty good meaning […]


Running Crater Lake

A friend finally got some decent photos of me doing what i love most when i am out in nature. All the training in the oakland hills pays off on days like this when i am running up decent elevation and snow!





joshusa tree national park

I made the mistake of trying to see too many places in a short period of time. I took the RV down to southern cal for a little winter vacation and even though LA, palm springs and Joshua Tree national park is not that far apart of each other, I particularly dislike the 10 hour drive home by myself! I think this is the 3 national park i went to this year and again, i spent way too little time in it. It had been over 10 years since i last visit joshua tree and i was […]

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