i came back to the bay area around 1230am and having already adjusted to EST, it was really 3330am. Because i took a decent nap on the plane, i didnt end up going to sleep until close to 3am PST. regardless, i got up at about 630am, pretty much convincing myself that i wanted to leave today. didn’t particularly feel refresh but my spirit was giving me enough energy to check into work and repack the RV most of the day. by 4pm, i was ready to go and did the usual stop by whole food to grab early dinner and buy food for the trip. it’s a nice little ritual as a starting open to a number of my journeys. i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to make it all the way to lassen given that i was pretty tired by the time i left whole foods. nonetheless, the spirit prevail and i drove 4 hours to lassen. as usual, the RV campsite is pretty crappy but it doesn’t manner as long as i have a hook up for the evening. i don’t really bother with federal/state campsites anymore as 90% of the time, they’re pretty booked but given the season, i should probably try especially if i can make it during the day.

as much as i feel physically drained from all the travel, packing and squeezing in regular work, my spirit is quietly excited for this journey. it’s so nice to be able to take jonsi on the trip after i figure out that i should be able to find him a sitter in most towns/cities should i need to go somewhere. with all this alone time coming up, i am feeling more inspired to write at times than do photography. as i think about my inward journey, i don’ think photos/videos can portray that journey as much as the written word. as much as the idea of doing a video diary has cross my mind many times about this journey, i am still feeling weary about it as a medium for a number of reasons. certainly, all these expression platforms has there pros and cons and it will be interesting to see how i shift between them. as i was driving to the national park, my windows were wide open as i soaked in the summer coldness and shimmering stars. i feel so at home yet i was reminding myself to not have an aversion to the stink of city life. the glory of living a paradoxical life.