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September 2019

lassen national park

i got to lassen by 8am and was ready to rock and roll. I debated going on my first hike via recommendation by a friend to check out brokeoff mountain but i decided against it as i wasn't sure if my body was up for the hike. my foot had still been bothering me so i opted for [...]

Escape from Paradise

i came back to the bay area around 1230am and having already adjusted to EST, it was really 3330am. Because i took a decent nap on the plane, i didnt end up going to sleep until close to 3am PST. regardless, i got up at about 630am, pretty much convincing myself that i wanted to leave today. didn't [...]

Creative Process and Ego

With my Buddhism in the west project ramping up, I've been spending a lot more time thinking about the project in ways that i haven't thought about much in the past. certainly, there are some parallels in the thought process in regards to running a business but really, the narrative of this project as it relates to each [...]

August 2019

lineage holder

I've been wanting to attend Khandro Rincophe for some time now and she happened to be at retreat center in northern california this past weekend. Gomde Retreat center in Leggett has also been on my radar for quite some time so it was auspicious that I was able to visit this wonderful place and see this amazing teacher. [...]

Trial Run

So i took of on Aug 21st with a sense of urgency to get the hell out of the city. I had been packing all day and although i had been 'packing' the last several days prior to departure, i suspect that i wouldn't account for all the things i think i want on the road. i had [...]

fear and freedom

since my foot injury isn't healing anytime too soon, i've been riding my bikes like mad in the past month. last night, i took the bike out after sunset and even rode without a helmet around the streets of oakland! it was a beautiful hot summer night but the cool breeze from riding the bike was pure joy. [...]

Clarity in stillness

I've been ruminating about my visual essays on the road and one of the themes i've been thinking about is landscape as a reflection of my state of mind. As part of my shamanic journey practice, i am planning on asking nature to be my guide and maybe document that 'conversation'. Anyway, I stumble upon a reflection pool [...]


Runner's dream easy trail. 4 miles of soft chip wood in middle of city. Actually called Pre's running trail. ...

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Northern lights in upper Michigan. To be honest, the nake eye we didn't see much! ...

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