I’ve been wanting to attend Khandro Rincophe for some time now and she happened to be at retreat center in northern california this past weekend. Gomde Retreat center in Leggett has also been on my radar for quite some time so it was auspicious that I was able to visit this wonderful place and see this amazing teacher. I think she is one of most knowledgeable and articulate tibetan lama in modern times and to be frank, the bulk of her teaching was sort of over my head. It’s been quite some time since I went to a retreat and there wasn’t much meditation time on this retreat either. Even though the study text was less than a few pages, like most tibetan teachings, they are laden with so much meaning that there considerable book size commentaries on these pith instructions. Anyway, a few points stuck out for me from the retreat. One, just don’t mediate, liberate. A strong reminder the purpose for all spiritual work is not just to feel at ease/peace with the chaotic world but to liberate ourselves from this samarisic cycle. Two, we need to move beyond on always being a student to a teacher. Although the teacher can help in the process, our dependence on them can be an hindrance as well. Our intrinsic buddha nature means that we dont have to look outside to recognize that nature. Lastly, i love her invitation to be more than just a student in that we should be the lineage holders of the buddha dharma. Which is to say, teachers alone should not be the only standard bearers of lineage but by stepping out of the shadows of teachers, everyone that follows this path are also linage holders of their specific tradition. I am particularly fond of these last two ideas in that it very much related to the project that i am working on and my own quest to trust my own direct experience.

I wouldn’t say that i have seen a lot of teachers in general but probably enough to have some reference. which is to say, i am in the present of a truly realized master such as khandro rincophe, i am not only awe but strongly reminded on what the fruition of the path really looks like. Compared to the countless business leaders that i have photographed and listen throughout the last 20 years of my career, they all pale in comparison to the inspiration that teachers like her imbue in me. To witness their confidence and embodiment of the path leaves such an indelible impression on those that are open to such glorious possibilities. Lastly, I asked her blessings for the project and she pick up the postcard that i gave her, gave me the kind of blessing that will inspire me to drive miles on end to find that one subject that will be the hero of the project! May all benefits benefit from these types of activities!