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family history

we recently did our first family reunion on a disney cruise last year. granted, being on a cruise ship especially one by disney isn’t on one of my top 100 things to do in life, i embraced for the sake of the reunion. in the last 25 years since i’ve been in the bay area, i can count with one and half hand on how many times, i’ve visited family whether it be cousins in philly or my brother/dad in texas. like most immigrant families, this particular reunion was the first time we publicly acknowledge the ‘sacrifice’ […]


Vietnam War

It would seem that this the year that i finally got around to facing my repressed memories around the vietnam war and how much it’s influence my life. it’s been on the back of my mind for sometime and one of the main reasons i sought out the depth hypnosis therapy was to see if i could access this part of my mind. given that i felt pretty well adjusted to adult life, i didn’t think it was a dire need to address this issue but at the same time, since my time in the desert with […]


modern bike for old man

for a brief time during this past month, i was thinking about taking my motorcycle along on this epic road trip. as fun and cool as it would have been to zip in and out of traffic in big cities with dorje, i decided to opt for hybrid bike to be the secondary mode of transportation when i got into towns. since my foot injury isn’t healing anything soon, i have reengaged in my first outdoor passion of riding a bike. i was telling uma about much freedom the bike gave me when i was young and […]


beyond fatherhood

with uma moving to Michigan soon, i’ve been thinking about my role as a father. for the last 9 years she has been the most constant love in my life and with this change, i am learning to let go of this primordial biological attachment. as much as i love this specific person, i know that it could be another boy or girl from any other family. as i try to move from just the specific love for my daughter to a broader love, i am feeling the weight my karma with my own father. i think […]



Recently went to Austin again to visit my college roommate and family. It’s probably the 4-5th time I’ve been to there and the city is growing on me. There is something sweet about being able to swim in fresh water river and being able to see the city line. I wish I wasn’t injured, otherwise, I would have check out the trails and really get to know the city from the aspect of being in nature. Still, it definitely feels pretty lush in the part of Austin I was visiting. Anyway, while I was hanging out with […]

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