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Crater Lake

This was my second time at crater lake and it was much later in the season than my previous visit. At close to 7K ft in elevation, by mid September it was already in the mid 30s so it was fairly chilly and I was glad to be in my cozy Serenity. Anyway, I stumbled upon a ride around the rim event and had a pretty amazing time doing about 40 mile ride around the lake. Being probably one of the less popular national parks and being late in the season, the few hikes I did without […]


Sleeping Bears National Lakeshore

Uma had already moved to ann arbor and i wanted to surprise her by showing up in ann arbor unannounced. defaulting to desires, i planned a quick weekend gateaway to my first midwest ‘national’ parks of sorts. at this point, after having been to enough national parks, sleeping bears wasn’t particularly mind blowing but quite adorable in it’s own way. more importantly, my time with the kiddo was more precious as i see her less often.


Reflections during a break

I am back in the bay area for work and getting a break of being on the road full time. For the most part, it’s been catching up with some friends and eating really good food. People ask if i miss the bay area and for the most part, it’s a definitely not really. Sure, I can say i miss my friends and FOOD, but really, this utopia of the american landscape/dream has become a foreign to me. Certainly I don’t want to disparage the culture that is but the reality is the reflection of my values […]


lassen national park

i got to lassen by 8am and was ready to rock and roll. I debated going on my first hike via recommendation by a friend to check out brokeoff mountain but i decided against it as i wasn’t sure if my body was up for the hike. my foot had still been bothering me so i opted for a less rigious hike todwn to miller’s creek. even though i hadn’t ran in over 2 monrhs, as soon as i got on the trail i got a bit ansty and started to do a little trot. with the […]


Escape from Paradise

i came back to the bay area around 1230am and having already adjusted to EST, it was really 3330am. Because i took a decent nap on the plane, i didnt end up going to sleep until close to 3am PST. regardless, i got up at about 630am, pretty much convincing myself that i wanted to leave today. didn’t particularly feel refresh but my spirit was giving me enough energy to check into work and repack the RV most of the day. by 4pm, i was ready to go and did the usual stop by whole food to […]

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