Final Training Update and reaching the summit of training

mt diablo summit

With the fund raising all done and the start of the ride is exactly one week away, i am relaxing from the most ambitious ride of my training. We did the ‘three bears’, with about 1000 ft in elevation change and then headed over to Mt Diablo for another 4000 st climb. It was billed as an 81 mile ride but i did an extra 10 miles because i got separated from the main group! By the time i was starting the climb the last 1500 ft […]

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my first century


_at the start of the ride, photo by lovely wife

This past sunday, i did my first 100 mile ride and it all started with some chilly rain! I was fairly nervous to begin with never having done more than 50 odd miles in one sitting and the rain added more to the adrenaline. Luckily, the rain ended within 2-3 hours after the start and the sun did come out for the rest of the day. Everything was pretty decent until the 70th mile or so. I had my first major energy crash […]

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Training update 4

Marin Headlands downhill from Jack Huynh on Vimeo.

April was not good for training at all. i was gone for a week at spirit rock on a silent retreat. there’s plenty of good excuses that prevent me from logging more than a few hundred miles in april. still, last weekend i did 62 miles on a organized race and felt pretty good most of the time. the legs were watery the next day but some hot spa action […]

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Training update 3

Training Loop from Jack Huynh on Vimeo.

The last few weeks have been not as productive with all the rain in the bay area. Still, i’ve been able to sneak short rides in here and there. the average ride is probably about 23 miles or something. I did establish a couple of standard routes, one for more hill training and the other is just flat training. the video is part of my hill training where i go through the montclair area of […]

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Training update 2

January is coming to an end and i’ve made some good progress on training and fundraising. i logged 160 miles on the road bike in the last 30 days and have gone to the gym 2-4 times a week for cross training. undoubtedly, i suspect it will be my healthiest year in over 15 years! i tried working on the gut a bit but the sit ups where pretty painful, still, i think that type of exercise just needs some better pacing!

On the fundraising front, i’ve reached 25% of my $3500 goal. i am slightly surprised that […]

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