Training Loop from Jack Huynh on Vimeo.

The last few weeks have been not as productive with all the rain in the bay area. Still, i’ve been able to sneak short rides in here and there. the average ride is probably about 23 miles or something. I did establish a couple of standard routes, one for more hill training and the other is just flat training. the video is part of my hill training where i go through the montclair area of oakland and climb up old tunnel road. I take skyline until i hit joaquin miller road and take it down to alameda through 35th. I haven’t ridden with team alameda in a while either but i should get back into the club when march rolls around. I’ve been grabbing some photo and video footage of my training but enough that interesting yet. my point and shoot, although having a lot of great features, hasn’t been able to capture the kind of images i want. I may mount the canon 5d next week and see how it compares. Eventually, i am hoping to make a short video/photo collage of the training efforts and then the ride down to LA as well. Fundraising wise, i am at 62% of my goal. At this point, i am pretty confident that i will make the goal and do the ride.