yoga and mediation

been pretty diligent with both activities but i am still tweaking it to get better results. feeling great that the habits are there but the practice isn’t as deep as i would like. been reading up on yin yoga which i am liking more. when i first tried it was it felt so boring but now that i understand the framework and appreciate that even though yoga is a form of yin activity compared to my yang activities of running/cycling, the yoga that i have been practicing is still very yang in some regards. so i am […]

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the year in data

well, i should have grab my running data from strava before the switch of the new year but i forgot to and all i got is 808 total miles for 2014. which is about the same as 2013 i think. but difference this year is active time. i compile a bunch more with walking jonsi and yoga so overall 2014 was very successful fit year. i basically barely sick once and it was pretty mild at best. at this point, i am content with the mileage and although i can crank it up, i don’t see much […]

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It is the general Buddhist procedure that one’s own pleasure and pain are acheived by oneself and not from the outside, and that, therefore, sentient beings themselves must understand and implement practices to bring about their own happiness. Thus, the most efficacious way to help others is through teaching what should be adopted in practice and what should be discarded from among current behavior. There is no way to do this unless you come to know all of the topics involved in what should be adopted in practice and what should be discarded—you must become omniscient. As […]

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