well, i should have grab my running data from strava before the switch of the new year but i forgot to and all i got is 808 total miles for 2014. which is about the same as 2013 i think. but difference this year is active time. i compile a bunch more with walking jonsi and yoga so overall 2014 was very successful fit year. i basically barely sick once and it was pretty mild at best. at this point, i am content with the mileage and although i can crank it up, i don’t see much point in it except to prove to myself yet again, i can do some physical goal like run a 50K or 50 miler. after enough physical accomplishments, i know myself enough to know that i can achieve it but to what end. i did read that doing ultras was a more ‘spiritual’ experience because after doing a marathon, most people think you’re crazy for going anything beyond that. so those types of distances are not for the admiration of your fb friends because you’ve earned it already. anyway, i think a few races a year with the current mileage between the bike and run and i am comfortable with riding that plateau/peak for the rest of my life. to be honest, now, i think about how deep i can really go with the all i can eat approach to yoga. for the first time in my life where i pay a month due to gym/yoga studio, i am try to go as many times as possible in a week. so in a month, i am hitting yoga at least 10-15 times, which is 1000% times more than zero for the past 5 years. even though it’s only been 3 months since i’ve done this unlimited yoga format, i feel like i’ve haven’t miss a beat much since i last did yoga. i mean i am super tight in certain areas due to the running but overall, i am comfortable with most of the poses. i am feeling confident that with continue regular practice in the next year, i may actually go up a level in the yoga practice. that will be a nice first with yoga for sure. the yoga and meditation is so highly complementary, it’s freaking awesome.