been pretty diligent with both activities but i am still tweaking it to get better results. feeling great that the habits are there but the practice isn’t as deep as i would like. been reading up on yin yoga which i am liking more. when i first tried it was it felt so boring but now that i understand the framework and appreciate that even though yoga is a form of yin activity compared to my yang activities of running/cycling, the yoga that i have been practicing is still very yang in some regards. so i am beginning to feel that i do want spend more time with yin yoga as it addresses harmony in the body deeper than the other styles. one of my yoga is to start some sort of home practice since my yoga studio is in the city and i don’t want to the city all the time. as for the meditation practice, i know that it always feel better in the morning and i am still struggling with waking up early to do it. and when i do, i get side tracked by making tea and start thinking about work. so tonight, i am experimenting with making tea at night and putting it a thermos so i have access to the tea right away in the morning and have no excuse to go down stairs!