I am back in the bay area for work and getting a break of being on the road full time. For the most part, it’s been catching up with some friends and eating really good food. People ask if i miss the bay area and for the most part, it’s a definitely not really. Sure, I can say i miss my friends and FOOD, but really, this utopia of the american landscape/dream has become a foreign to me. Certainly I don’t want to disparage the culture that is but the reality is the reflection of my values in this environment has been severely misaligned. So with great relief, I am now looking forward to making a more final departure. At one point, I thought keeping my apartment in the bay area as my foot/legacy here but even that idea has lost its flavor. In the time that I have lived in the small space that is a 24ft RV, I have grown quite fond of cleaning up after each meal and being content with having enough. Even more so, there has been a number of times that even in this downsize environment, i still have too much stuff. I have grown fond of having less choices. Like a monk that wears one set of clothing style, the simplification of our choices feels so relieving from a life of material abundance. And ultimately, that is what the big city embodies to me. A realm of too many mostly not that meaningful choices. What fancy restaurant, what cool museum, what hip outdoor escape. It would seem life seems so more richer when we have so many great options to choose from.