With my Buddhism in the west project ramping up, I’ve been spending a lot more time thinking about the project in ways that i haven’t thought about much in the past. certainly, there are some parallels in the thought process in regards to running a business but really, the narrative of this project as it relates to each platform is blowing my mind a bit. to be frank, even though i’ve been ‘working’ on this project for a few years on and off, only in the last 6 months has it being to take life on it’s own. In so much, i am learning to be more aware of creative process as it relates to an ‘audience’. compared to thinking about how to cater the company’s services to our client’s needs, the fruition being having regular clients, the process for this type of project can actually result the number of likes and views. it is in these metrics that can corrupt the creative process as i consider what is relevant to the narrative and what resonates with the audience. for most of my professional career, i have resisted the need to build likes/viewership through the various channels that have emerged and only with this project has it become an issue. Naturally, I feel that my motivation to build readership for this project is appropriate in the sense that I do believe that sharing this type of work may inspire and benefit other people. Meanwhile, the ego and the physiological tools that these platforms use to train you to become constantly engaged in the platform erode at my sense of well being. As much as I am learning more to read the inner and external signs of the non ordinary world, the external signs of validation for the ego continues to gnaw away at my soul.