In a few days uma is leaving for Michigan and I have been downsizing my life more in preparation for this journey. Frankly, i am having pangs of nostalgia around my time in the bay area already even though i haven’t left yet. Mentally, i know this is the end of my chapter in the bay area but emotionally, i am holding on to the high life that it was. in some ways, i feeling like i am preparing for the ‘death’ of my old self. my ego holds on to glory that it has created over the past 25 years here while my soul yearns for a rebirth of a different kind. without a doubt my life has become more complex than i really care of and I am spinning my wheels taking care of shit that doesn’t really do much to benefit anyone/world. it has been a slow boil trying survive as a business when i started a family until now where my spending habits has made my soul sick. as i downsize and look at all the shit i’ve accumulated in the past years, i am feeling a desire to go to the other end of the spectrum of being minimalist when i return from this journey. more importantly, it easy to get rid of things but more importantly, how will i streamline my life so that i can spend more time on things that manner. well, there will be no answers today but more recently, i thought about framing my journey around Joseph Campbell’s of mythical concept of the hero leaving home. and the great battle will be an internal one, where my ego and habits will need to be slayed or at least cripple enough for the emergence of a renewed spiritual warrior.