i landed late into boston on a work trip and wasn’t in the mood for bed so i did what i rarely do these days, street photography. as i recall, it was street photography that jump started my keen interest in photography but invariably, I lack the patience for the form and the intimacy i like with portraiture. as preparation for my epic journey of content creation, i decided to get to learn a little more about one of my fixed lens compact camera that i really use (except mostly for trail running) and i am fully impressed by it’s low light ability and ability to shoot in 4k and decent quality slow motion of 240 FPS (actually up to 900 FPS but not really usable). Anyway, the point of the posting was really about the outer landscape reflecting my inner landscape. given that i am expecting to spend a lot of time with myself in a lot of cities and nature in the next year, i am spending more time reflecting and documenting this experience. for that night, walking around in a major city on the harbor with so little people got me thinking about what these lonely souls where doing here as well. I was enjoying the east coast summer heat after a 6 hour flight and walking off a late night dinner whilst playing with the camera. It was a quiet fun experience that i never do at home for sure. but what happens when i am at home on the road? will i continue to wander aimlessly looking outside of myself?