i’ve been thinking a bit about the habits of my life that i am looking to shed is upcoming year. as odd as it may seem, i have grown way too comfortable to my lifestyle and the ego wants to do everything it can to maintain that comfort. so in my quest to diminish the influence of my ego, i am looking forward to recalibrating my lifestyle. what does that look exactly like fo me?

  • Buying a lot less stuff from amazon. with the downsizing of orange and my living space, this habit needs to be broken!
  • Subscription services such as sun basket, daily harvest (fancy frozen shakes) and gourmet tap beer!
  • fancy meals at the plethora of restaurants in the bay area. not that i want bad food but it’s that whole attachment/aversion habit here.

  • my healthy body. this will be a real hard one but undoubtedly, i am pretty attached to exercise and the high/stress relieve that it provides me. with my eye sight failing and injuries piling up, this is a great practice area.
  • my daughter and relationships. another really hard one but the whole online dating has left a bittersweet feeling in my mouth and i am looking forward to not have to deal with it. i am hoping that i can shift to having more qaulity time with my daughter rather than just be a caretaker in her daily life. as my only strong blood bond, her absence will be another strong dose in the practice.
  • Social media. Another challenging one given that I would like to share my journey but my first step has been deleting the apps from my phone. It’s drastically cut down my screen time on the phone. I am guessing that with access to the great out doors, I will probably be spending a lot of less time in front of the computer as well.