i didn’t want to write down that what happen last night was something special. by denying that i am not investing emotional bondage to fruition of such idea. but regardless if i buy into it or not; i will still express down the joy of synchronicity. i was just thinking about all my past relationships and i was wondering to myself was any of them born of concept of synchronicity. it seems weird but i feel like that more of my experiences will be in a fruition/synchronicity format. it’s like you gain enough experience points and now those points actually being to really drive your experiences. before it was an unpredictable swings of of numerable possibilities. now it will be how many peaks will there be this journey of the ‘righteous’ path. for freaking sake, she wore ORANGE. as if it was a not such subliminal message to for me to engage with this amazing woman. and tonight while i stood by myself in a room filled with happy strangers, i realized that i wasn’t missig anything; it is always present. i decided tongight that when i listen to this specific sigur ros album that of valtrai, that i will always think fondly of that moment in time.