my arrogance got a good spanking recently. it gets away too with much when it’s used to being in control and right in some sick way. generally, i don’t think don’t pretend to know about something that i have little experience or knowledge with. but it would seem that through my astute observation of my own upbringing and being around kids from my immediate family, i had develop a rather one sided opinion on the nature of child rearing. although i have apologize to her about the matter, i feel like the biggest ass about the manner and i hope she forgives me. that was only one opinion in a plethora of ill informed opinions that have recently overturn by the council of friends at large. to would be prudent for me to seek the advice of the ‘council’ before i form the opinion but without direct experience, i don’t think i would necessarily give that much weight into their opinions as well. unlike Buddhist logic, wisdom developed through direct experience with multiple sources of indirect reference would naturally be stronger than either methods alone. and so as i have more conversations with a variety of friends, it begins to dawn in me that i have a very special relationship and i am frequently wrong. my saving grace is my admittance of to the facts and she rocks my world.