it is almost regrettable that i am unable to find the time to get lost in my smoked filled mind. the bright side of not finding to time to write about it is actually experiencing it. like the great masters like to say, don’t read books on meditation and just do it. although i am not exactly on that groove of action, this summer has been unusually fun and sexy, filled with a wide spectrum of experiences. my lovely lover has lead me away from the path of work, back to the path of living.  within 4 weeks, we will experience each other on a daily basis. it is the next level of our relationships and i gleefully excited about it. a friend was asking me about the state of the relationship and again, i was unable to verbally convey the appropriate level of emotional significance. admittedly, it is a fairly consistent behavior whether it is with my lover or with my self directed career. i know that i feel passionate about things but it’s not readily apparent to most people.i don’t know if my passion will ever find it’s voice but it’s way too late tonight to find it in words.