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August 2017

the why making the difference

in the past few months there has been a lightness that i have forgotten. there has been a notable shift internally and it feels really good and right. it's easy to covet this feeling at a younger age but the sweetness in the the old age. like millionaires from the dot com days where you live the sweet [...]

July 2017

shift in awareness

i was sharing my experience on a date a few days ago and i was slightly surprise to hear the positive feedback around my state of being. she had asked what i thought i could attribute it to and the gut response was my state of being is highly correlated to my consistent meditation practice. even more so [...]

my time in the desert

it's been more than a year and half since i've participated in my first vision quest. undoubtedly, one of the more brave things i did not because it physically scare me to go into the desert whilst on a fast and without any shelter or distractions. i've done enough meditation retreats where solitude and silent was cherished by [...]

drupchen retreat

it's been 7 days since i've entered my first hard core mantra/visualization retreat at pema osel ling. for the most part, it is a bit over my head and in my typical style, i created my own schedule and work the format of the retreat as much as i can handle. in hindsight, the learning experience is i [...]

June 2017

the quiet revolution

i am really feeling the landscape of my island these days. even though my vision quest had shone a spotlight in this glaring part of my life, i am still feeling pretty stuck in my habitual patterns of being not particularly social. i am using my fatherhood/work is very challenging excuse to have a very low dosage of [...]

March 2017

50K of Serious Voluntarily Physical Discomfort.

red against cold green #trailrunning it was only in 2011 that i did my first half marathon in oakland. i remember recently being turn on to the barefoot style of running and i was running the half in my vibram five fingers. For the first couple years after moving to the east bay, my running practice [...]

September 2016

the draw of the mountains

i had this grand vision that i was going to kayak, run and bike ride in the mountains this long weekend. uma's cold caught up to me and as i am leaving the bay area, i am sneezing and coughing my way into higher elevation. i get here around 10am, find that most of the sites are taken [...]


Jeff has written a book about finding the path aptly called 'Awareness Mode : A Buddhist Antihero's journey within' #buddhism ...

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The magic of wifi remotes. Being alone and feeling alone are different things when one is connected to mother earth. ...

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The question to jump into the sublime is a universal inquiry. ...

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Carefree joy. Fruition of the path. #buddhism #buddhalife ...

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