The last several years I have been working on ‘side’ project about documenting what Buddhism in the West looks like through the eyes of lay practitioners. Given the scope of the project and the hobby like nature of time being spent on it, progress was rather slow on it. On recently, the confluence of a number of signs has propel me to expand and commit to the project on a whole new level. During my liminal gap year, I am hoping to spend at least 40-60% of my time on the road working on the project while I am still work remotely with Orange. The fact that our company is going virtual this month as well has made this pivot much easier for me and the rest of the team members. What started as a coffee book concept has also expand to be more multimedia where the website will act as an interactive resource about the subject manner and the documentary be more broad in scope. For the next year, while I can make considerable progress on the book, the research and narrative around the documentary will take considerably longer time my hope is to just have enough material to build a trailer for the movie. Meanwhile, I going to try to have some fun but putting together a short film on my personal journey through this experience of finding the dharama in american and my spiritual salvation in the national parks!