I’ve been seeing a depth hypnosis therapist for a few months now and i must say, it’s one of the most powerful one on one healing practices that i have experienced. or maybe i shouldn’t associate me crying as “powerful “, considering that i did cried in the last 2 sessions. still, what has got me excited about this form of healing has been the somatic feedback. If there was one thing I’ve learn in the last few years with a variety of healing modalities is to listen to my body and the energy of nature. More and more, I am finding more power in the non intellectual framework of the non western cultures.  Ultimately, the the greatest power is derive from being about to hold both perspectives. although the western thought is dominant and having it’s hey day, one just doesn’t have to go too far to find alternative points of view. More increasingly, the challenge is the problem of too much choice and online reviews are not sufficient. And so that personal direct experience is still critical to finding your own truth. 

I don’t much a lot of selfies in general and the thought of a being doing video of myself has never cross my mind for most of my professional photography career/ Still, there has been a number of experiences in the last few years that have been me more courage to be in front of the camera and actually hearing myself speak and actually expressions things in verbal form. One of the teachings of my vision quest was actually verbalizing my thoughts and having conversations with ‘nature’. Part of the narrative around this verbalizing is that for people like me, we have too much thoughts spinning around inwards and the act of verbalizing it is actually a powerful exercise. And so i derided to accompany this blog with video as i continue on this journey in the next year. The 2nd video is from the founder of the school of therapy from which i found my therapist. When i discovered her through Robert Thrurman, all framework of healing hit all the good notes for me!