Recently went to Austin again to visit my college roommate and family. It’s probably the 4-5th time I’ve been to there and the city is growing on me. There is something sweet about being able to swim in fresh water river and being able to see the city line. I wish I wasn’t injured, otherwise, I would have check out the trails and really get to know the city from the aspect of being in nature. Still, it definitely feels pretty lush in the part of Austin I was visiting. Anyway, while I was hanging out with my college roommate, he played my first college radio show and it brought back some funny memories. It’s amazing that it’s been over twenty years since we first met and of course, it’s been fun watching out daughters grow up. It would seem most of my friendships are pretty old these days as it’s pretty rare to make friends at this stage in life. Still, i am looking forward to meeting more people in a different way because of my photo project. Even though I hang out with some people only for a few hours as they share their stories, it’s still a pretty wonderful experience to connect with people over a passionate subject manner.