with uma moving to Michigan soon, i’ve been thinking about my role as a father. for the last 9 years she has been the most constant love in my life and with this change, i am learning to let go of this primordial biological attachment. as much as i love this specific person, i know that it could be another boy or girl from any other family. as i try to move from just the specific love for my daughter to a broader love, i am feeling the weight my karma with my own father. i think about how difficult it was for buddha to leave his family and unlike my own father seeking a higher purpose to life and love. in time, i suspect this suffering will be vindicated. meanwhile, i had the quietest moment of joy the other day when i picked up uma from the july 4th parade. as we were driving back to my place, she asked me if i knew who her new favorite band was and she gave me a clue that it started with the letter D. i thought very little of this inquiry as most of the bands she likes i had little inclination for. She finally muttered – ‘Daughter’ and the moment, i felt some of my karma influencing her soul. it would be too much to project such wild notions but my intuition tapped me on the shoulder and told me she will be alright. just trust and love her.