I decided to call this upcoming year ‘the liminal gap’ as an honor to my therapist of the same name. I particularly like her explanation on the concept and i thought it was appropriate given that I am ending a chapter in my life. And so i am not quite starting on the next chapter but it is the year of coming into being. This will be the second time I have left my rather comfortable lifestyle and questionable habits of a life style ‘entrepreneur’. I am reminded of that Mark Twain (i think) quote about leaving the bay area before you become too soft. Undoubtedly, my softness has been gnawing away at my soul and I yearn for more spiritually satisfying path.

On the flight back from vegas, i had a pivotal insight in allowing me to finally embrace this change. It would seem that enough of the signs from different sources of my life gave me the confident to pivot so quickly. in short, i agree to allowing jennie to move with uma to michigian by the beginning of august and i would take a year long road trip to work on my book/film.

The Planning
Since I’ve made the decision do this epic road trip, I am using one of my favorite websites to plan the journey. I am breaking the journey into 4 stages so I can plan around the seasons and within 2-3 month time periods. One thing I want to avoid is constantly driving so using the website, I can figure out how many miles I would be driving for that time period and adjust my waypoints as needed. I am still formulating the parameters that determine which way points but a few that is coming to mind is big cities with enough dharama centers and national parks!

Stage 1 (aug-sept)