i know i’ve been to death valley along time ago but to be honest, this time around, I got to appreciate it on a whole new level. Of course, my feelings around death valley on this trip reminded me of my internal journey in death valley a few years ago in my vision quest. By the end of the trip, the energy of the desert had grown on my considerably. there is something magical about the vast expanse and stillness of the desert. there were times when i am reminded of being at burning man when you wait out the harsh sun and life begins to pick up after dusk. interesting enough, death valley is over 90% wilderness, which means with a simple backcountry permit, you have access to a vast landscape where you can camp anywhere. i told uma and best friend from school on the trip and in general, they weren’t too fond of the greatness of the desert but i hope the experience sinks into their subconscious some how!

End not staying in death valley for an entire week as refrigeration in the RV was in effective! Unfortunately, we were ill prepared when we left death valley for the chillness of 8000 plus elevation! Still, we were rewarded for our effort to endure with one of the most amazing undeveloped hot springs in california! Just glad that I have at least a few more years to enough all the natural beauty that california offers!