lineage holder

I’ve been wanting to attend Khandro Rincophe for some time now and she happened to be at retreat center in northern california this past weekend. Gomde Retreat center in Leggett has also been on my radar for quite some time so it was auspicious that I was able to visit this wonderful place and see this amazing teacher. I think she is one of most knowledgeable and articulate tibetan lama in modern times and to be frank, the bulk of her teaching was sort of over my head. It’s been quite some time since I […]


Trial Run

So i took of on Aug 21st with a sense of urgency to get the hell out of the city. I had been packing all day and although i had been ‘packing’ the last several days prior to departure, i suspect that i wouldn’t account for all the things i think i want on the road. i had already decided to come back to oakland the following week to fly out to see uma since i wasn’t going to see her at the end of september. So, i pretty much frame the next 5 days or so […]


Clarity in stillness

I’ve been ruminating about my visual essays on the road and one of the themes i’ve been thinking about is landscape as a reflection of my state of mind. As part of my shamanic journey practice, i am planning on asking nature to be my guide and maybe document that ‘conversation’. Anyway, I stumble upon a reflection pool whilst in Seattle for another corporate gig and i had some fun with the compositions. On unlike settling my own mind through meditation, the clarity of insight has become easier but as I am learning, insight isn’t really sufficient. […]


lonely nights

i landed late into boston on a work trip and wasn’t in the mood for bed so i did what i rarely do these days, street photography. as i recall, it was street photography that jump started my keen interest in photography but invariably, I lack the patience for the form and the intimacy i like with portraiture. as preparation for my epic journey of content creation, i decided to get to learn a little more about one of my fixed lens compact camera that i really use (except mostly for trail running) and i am […]


End of era portraits

The kiddo and I did all final walk around our working class neighborhood and did some cheesy portraits as a marker of this day.

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