fear and freedom

since my foot injury isn’t healing anytime too soon, i’ve been riding my bikes like mad in the past month. last night, i took the bike out after sunset and even rode without a helmet around the streets of oakland! it was a beautiful hot summer night but the cool breeze from riding the bike was pure joy. i relived my child hood in that moment when the bike symbolize the first vehicle to give childhood the means to explore and get lost. to ride the bike around without any specific intention except to breathe the fresh […]



ode to the old man

you came into our lives
as a relief from an energetic puppy
already well fed and over mid life crisis
tender was your stare
excited by the aromona of home cook meals
your patience paid off more than a few times
as we both enter the last stage life
weak has our body become
but the heart remains
pure and strong



i’ve been thinking a bit about the habits of my life that i am looking to shed is upcoming year. as odd as it may seem, i have grown way too comfortable to my lifestyle and the ego wants to do everything it can to maintain that comfort. so in my quest to diminish the influence of my ego, i am looking forward to recalibrating my lifestyle. what does that look exactly like fo me?

  • Buying a lot less stuff from amazon. with the downsizing of orange and my living space, this habit needs to be broken!
  • […]

the second mountain

someone was telling me about a notable book called second mountain by the new york times columnist David brooks and although they didn’t tell me too much on the content of the book, the positive suggestion left a mark head somewhere. and of course, i ran into the book again browsing the art of manliness. Definitely don’t have time to read it but I listen enough to the podcast to get the gist on how I am framing this liminal gap year. In short, the first mountain that most people climb is mostly about survival. […]


so close and so unprepared

In a few days uma is leaving for Michigan and I have been downsizing my life more in preparation for this journey. Frankly, i am having pangs of nostalgia around my time in the bay area already even though i haven’t left yet. Mentally, i know this is the end of my chapter in the bay area but emotionally, i am holding on to the high life that it was. in some ways, i feeling like i am preparing for the ‘death’ of my old self. my ego holds on to glory that it has created over […]

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