since my foot injury isn’t healing anytime too soon, i’ve been riding my bikes like mad in the past month. last night, i took the bike out after sunset and even rode without a helmet around the streets of oakland! it was a beautiful hot summer night but the cool breeze from riding the bike was pure joy. i relived my child hood in that moment when the bike symbolize the first vehicle to give childhood the means to explore and get lost. to ride the bike around without any specific intention except to breathe the fresh air and see alot of things in a leisurely pace. although i hadn’t really ride much in the last 10-15 years, my leg strength has developed sufficient enough where i am pretty much not intimated by any hills that i am doing these days. which is to say, i am pretty excited to explore america with the bike as well. still thinking about the type of photo essay that would be interesting through this particular method of exploring and i hope it comes to me before i hit the road. so many layers of ideas, i should really keep it more simple!