ice skating

it was super nice to witness her going to holding on to my leg ever so tightly to dad, leave me alone. all within an hour, i saw how fear transformed into joy. i hope i was able to help that transformation!

night life

I’ve been making more of an effort to enjoy the nightlife in oakland. Even though i’ve been here for over 2 years now, the exploration of oakland life has been very minimal. anyway, i took uma to the autumn festival of lights and we had a darling time.



a blast from the past

Elven is a small village in the northwest of france that wouldn’t be on any tourist destination but I am glad that got to check it out. The only reason i took a 5 hour train ride from Lille to Vannes, was to see my old friend that had moved there. Even though I was only going to be there for 24 hours, it was one of my favorite part of the trip. Damien and I had met over 20 years ago over shared musical interests and of course the first thing after i got off the train at 1130pm was to go to concert in the middle of the countryside. With less than 20 people there and beer/wine for 2 euros and the open night sky, it reminded why i love french culture so much. of course, we stayed up in the wee hours drinking home made hard alcohol and caught up on life after not talking for over 10 years. i was super happy to hear that my friend and made such a transformational shift in his life to do something more meaningful and live in the countryside. undoubtedly there is a growing yearning for me as well to step a way from this hyper connected city life that is makes it super challenging to cultivate a life of connection to real people/nature and spiritual practice. anyway, at first i wasn’t sure if i wanted to make this a long journey to the middle of nowhere for just 24 hours with my old friend but by the end, he reminded me of why i adore him and love the damn french so much.

sequoia national park sort of

after working a few days in LA and hanging out on the beach, i decided to check out sequoia on my way back to the bay area. i had done very little research about it and as luck would have it, most of the interesting spots in the national park was covered in snow! it didn’t really occur to me to check for snow given it was california but at 7K feet, snow comes pretty fast and early. anyway, i barely spent a half a day in the national park because i was pretty much unprepared for the crazy winding roads and snow. This was the first national park where i saw warnings in numerous places about not have a vehicle over 22 ft! Even though my RV is only 25ft, I didn’t heed the warning and drove through the bulk of the roads that I was advised not to drive! Elena handle the winding roads like a champ and after the ordeal, i had felt that i had driven even more crazy winding roads. More challenging than winding roads was trying to park the RV at the designated tourist spots. Even though it was winter season, there was still plenty of tourist checking out the national park so it was a pretty frustrating experience. by the end of the day, i decided i had to come back during a different season with a different mode of transportation. in a couple of years, i figure i can tow a two seater car or a motorcycle to check out places instead of taking Elena everywhere!

life on the road

my first work assignment where i am using the RV as my base station and it’s perfect for an introvert lifestyle. i wasn’t sure how i was going to do it because the RV park was a tad far away from the the work venue but luckily services such as uber/lyft has changed the game for me. being be able to be pick up in an RV park on the beach with all my gear and just giving dropped off (without have to stress about parking and etc), made the job super easy from logistical point of view. i am guessing i may sign up for my work road trips in the future as it’s a great excuse to take the RV and then do a mini vacation afterwards. to be able to be unbounded from the office and work anywhere and not worry about renting rooms/etc is definitely freaking awesome. i love waking up next to the ocean and then going for a morning run before heading into work.