it’s a great sight to behold andd yet only available during these periods of change. it’s been probably over 2 years since the last great shuffle on the flat of natoma and i suspect it will be the last time in beautiful flat. i think it is most beautiful with all the space because it was how i came to be so fond of it in the first place. i remember the first time i saw it in it’s vast glorious with only maybe two pieces of furniture and a guaitar. i felt very good to purge the business out of the home but it felt even better to throw things aways. it seems to get easier if you start with the hard stuff. the sentimental things that you think someone will write about in your biography. after dispensing of those things, everything else just balls of dust that evokes the emotional sneeze. it feels exceedingly good to let go of all these material artifacts. i dearly hope that i can reduce it all down to a box or two when it comes time for me to part this pivotal home. 6 years is much too long to be in the comfort of this lovable home.

i need to do a body and mind cleansing. it’s been far too long and i am far too bloated in thought and form. as much as the powerful doses of yoga has normalized my mental patterns on weekly occasions, the act itself has become to physically oriented and i have lost a bit of the purer movivation. luckily the physical speration of home and the love of ‘work’ has begun to introduce the redefining of patterns. even the simple, 3.5 min walk to the office is sufficient enough to give me the mental space to reevaluate everything. it is now the most optimal ‘working’ condition anyone can hope for. even now, as i sit here late at night looking straight into the heart of the city, i contemplate the the perfection of the present moment. sometimes it doesn’t naturally feel right because i’ve been train to question and reject it. i know it’s only a glimpse of the path to come but it’s so funny to experience it in the midst these circumstances. already, i know there a few in the business that can only bear our economic poverty so much longer. for me, it is a great seque way into a life of less. unfortunately, the very success of my daily endeavor will only add fuel into the inner conflict. still, i must remember to simply redirect that success for a greater cause and all will be swell in this year of the rabbit.