there is nothing more amusing talking about yourself as it relates to a new york times article. there was a recent article on ‘man dates’, the post fight club male bonding that is taking the country by the storm. okay, maybe just in the big cities where the non alpha non sports hetro non loser male is a class untouched by most circles. but we’re gladly toasted to our threesome man date over some excellent wine and any issue relating to the inherent ‘struggle’ that each one of us faced. it seems like a common theme in these sort of meetings because i can’t recall the last time where we went out and said how fucking great our lives are. no, that would not be characteristic of this type of beast. there is always something more that we’re pushing for. more time, more freedom, more art or more spirit but it’s not just of the sake of the more. sometimes it feels like an exercise in an validation of our relative position within the alpha/beta solar system. no doubt, we have decided that are a lot of similarities in our drive but each one experinces a slighty different manifestation of that drive. it’s interesting to bear witness to those seemingly different paths but really, are the forms really that different that requires a different set of questions. certainly, it’s not so much the answer or the goal of our path that drives us. is there a more efficient path to distilling the questions we seek to experience? in short, is the experiene alone sufficient to sustain our drive for an indefinite period of time. i don’t see any marker that would allow me to finally say, i did it, i stop here and be content. a particular tangent or project may reach a level of content but it’s the drive that will lead us to higher levels of existence. isn’t that what is is all about? an abstraction of experience that transend our biological and cultural projections? is art not a dangling participle of god?