years from now, when we are some mega agency with photographers across the world representing our chic brand, we will recall last night as the beginning of the end. still, the end remains a path unbeknownist to even the wisest minds. but we can acknowledge the end of innocence and naivete. for now, i am contend to bath in the glory of a mere 3 years of ‘hardship’ to arrive at this single night. in relative terms, our hardship was more of discipline and will power than any major external conditions. even the greatest external condition of an economic recession was just fuel for the underdog mentality. and so, the story goes like this….

_from the three stooges that were naive enough to start a photography in the wake of a recession.

_their main purpose was to capture ‘pap’ as they would code it.

_somewhere along the process, they may have forgotten a face or two.

_but luckily friends and family were around to keep them in check.

_unironically, they become the official family photographer

_that is until, the woman with the iron foot destorys them.

for all great stories should end with great glamour.