_roll the cameras

i am going to let orangex explain why we had camera folks in our office today following in around like he was some rock star. it wa a bit surreal explain to have the camera turn on us for one and it was such funny contrive conversations we had about work while the crew was here. even as orangex is rolling in the personal pr machine, our little company got nominated for the ‘oscars’ of web awards. as usual, my work life has overtaken so much of my personal life that i have yet to realize the ramifications of the recent events that have transpired in my life.

apparently, my lady friend wants to break up with me again and we had the arguement over IM. sometimes technology makes it too easy and you become so detached from the actual implication of the conversation. anyway, i need to get back in touch with my emotional side soon, otherwise i am going to forget how to make love with life. it didn’t happen from no where but at the same time i can understand why it’s happening. part of me knows that no matter what i say, she will continue to believe otherwise. if i try to convince her, she will say i am trying to control her/mold her too much and i don’t say anything than i don’t really care. so, i can’t win these types of arguements. i just have to trust that she will realize on her own what she is saying.