so apparently, there are a number of people out that think we’re a punch of wealthy dot com kids after 2 years of being in the business. they see because we’ve grown to 5 full time people and that we’re usually pretty busy shooting events/weddings that we must be making bank! case in point, i was talking to this VC client and he’s asking me, ‘aren’t you rich yet?’. implying why am i still working and shooting these types of events. well, i am not going to go through all the reasons why we’re strapped for cash because if all you ever worried about was your own paycheck, then you’re not going to understand. anyway, i’ve been in this position before in my life, during my early years of college when i had to pay for all my tutition and try to make ends meet and the credit card was my best friend. the credit card now again is my best friend and he’s helping me build a better future for more than just me. having just paid off the last of my credit card debt a couple of years ago from my college days, i a bit hestitant to get back into that type of debt. but my logical mind says that i am leveraging this kind of debt not for me and it’s okay but it does mean that i must really have faith in what i am doing. It’s pretty like when doctors and lawyers get into 50K in debt to attend school because you’re not going to do that unless you expect a pretty substanical payout. naturally, in relative debt size our organization to compare to individuals/other companies, i think we’re doing pretty decently now. but in really, our business is only beginning to hit it’s stride and in order to grow to the next level, there is no question we will need to borrow big money to make it happen. so the next time you see me enjoying my life and talking about how great we’re doing, definitely don’t forget to taste the grain of salt. like the king of real estate in American Beauty says, ‘in order to be successful, one must convey a front of success at all times.’ some bullshit like that but there is usually essential truth within the shit.