i’ve been extra decadent in the past several days. anything there’s free drinks and food, i am in the frontline laying it down for the business. i invited a friend along last night to yet another fundraiser for the world wildlife fund and he caught a glimpse of the indugling lifestyles that we can live. certainly, it gets very tiresome after you shoot the same people over and over again at the same types of functions but if you’re in the mood, it’s a great way to pass the night. anyway, they had the cowboy junkies, noelle hamption and mike franati and the spearheads playing at the fundraiser. I mainly went to check out the bands and although it wasn’t exactly my cup of musical tea, i miss the experience of enjoying a live show.


_noelle hampton and friend

_return of the long boot

_the crowd goes wild for my photography

_i didn’t know people could have this much pleasure in public