i saw a fairly entertaining documentary on bruce lee a couple of weeks ago and it inspired me to get a compilation of his writings entitled, “striking thoughts”. I’ve been reading it on and off in on my reading shrine and it’s fairly surprising how spiritual the man was. the world knows him for his martial arts but i have new appreciation for all he has done for the asian brother. much of the thoughts i’ve read before in my own research but i love his flavor/style. I can’t help but visualize how he says some of these statements because it’s almost comical in some regard. although he is quite serious about the philosophy there is a humor about him that i really dig. the humor coupled with a bit of cockiness appeals the wise crack in myself. here’s one of my favorite quotes:

The spirit is strengthened in sorrow – Happiness is good for the body, but sorrow strengthens the spirit.

it’s fantastically applicable in my current state of being. As much as i am experiencing a lot of loss, there is an lightening feeling as well. less is more school of thought currently reigns. shall the space remain empty or will i fill it up with some innate distraction. it’s less than 2 months away from my planned sabbatical and i really haven’t figure out exactly what i am going to ‘do’ during that time. a vague notion that i am going to do a meditation retreat and some camping but other than that, it reminds open. guess i should leave it at that. who wants to bet me that i am going to cancel it or move it to another date!?