orange celebrated 11 years of existence tonight but i don’t have any pictures of us back in the old days. we can only reminisce about it over cold beers and work associates. for the most part, people view our evolution as success by some means but i wonder if we had this ‘level’ of success within the first couple of years, if we would consider our selves as sell outs. naturally that still crosses my mind. it doesn’t weigh in my heart too heavily because selling out implies that we actually getting rich off the process and that’s pretty far from reality! the trappings of success. 11 years is a pretty good time to stay with one project. i wonder how many marriages last that long. unfortunately, marriage is 10x harder than running a business. somehow i think that running a business you have more ‘control’ over it whereas marriage, the unpredictability of emotions has it’s toll. i guess if i was more mature, i could perceive my emotional state as they are. business is reason. love is not. like the love i have my my daughter. it’s the god damn hardest thing ever to ‘discipline’ her. in the logical mind, i know i need to be more firm with her but she really does have me wrap around her little fingers. i got a tshirt for her the other day about how little her fingers her but how she’s got daddy wrap all around those fingers. it’s all good. as long as she learns her other powers.