"Instead of seeking physical comfort in altered surroundings as a pathway to happiness, Tibetans gain spiritual awareness through encounters with adversity in their natural environment." ~ Galen Rowell

Unlike the quote, most of my adult life has been a rather mostly pleasant experience. it wasn’t easy but by no means would i consider it hardship. but as i enter my mid 30 something, i intent to not to live so comfortably. finanical "hardship" certainly helps curb the comfort level and the great thing about it is that it forces clarity on what is really important. i am actually grateful for the fact that i don’t have much of a "lifestyle" to maintain. the brilliant fact that i have been able to sustain a meaningful life without much money is something that i immensely appreciate. just think, in a couple of short years, i will be in some remote part of the world doing 60% of the things  i am doing now but  i won’t feel so materially poor! ulimately, having money or no money isn’t the issue but having experienced both ends of the spectrum has given me enough insight to what makes me appreaciate life more. hopefully, when the next round of financial success comes around, i will be able to utilize it to do more meaningful things with it…all in good time, all in good time.