i should be writing more about work as it is particularly interesting period in it’s development. in the past year, the pace of change/improvement in multiple levels has been great compared to years prior. i have to admit that that big shift came after i came back from india and decided to ‘retire’ from shooting for the most part. I do it still here and there but for the most part it counts than less than 2% of my time now. With that shift, it has allow me to focus on many parts of the business that needed my attention. part of my attention has been clearly defining ‘metrics/key results’ for my team for them to understand what success looks like. i talk alot about data and metrics but in the back of my mind, there is another mental shift towards going beyond metrics and data. although i feel like these metrics/milestones are helpful for the team, i very much feel like a manager that just sets the fire under people in order for them to perform. naturally, i am more interested in being a leader that inspires the fire inside people to operate at inspiration values. although i don’t feel that the metrics are necessarily counter to the goal of a leadership, people may still need some sort of clear baseline of how they are doing regardless of if the fire is under them or inside them! it may entirely be possible that you need to have put sets of fire.