had several nice rounds of inspiration today during yoga. i forget the order but the first had to do with with viewing tea as art. i am suppose to do this commerical gig for this woman starting a tea company and she wants to portray tea as art. and of course i should be excited as hell because i tea is my addiction and i should be wanking off to doing a project like this. but i am thinking were am i going the proper time to do somehing as fun as this project. anyway, retarded point but i got some decents ideas when i whimpering like a puppy during today’s super hard core ass. it’s quite wonderful to be humble in the presence of just ordinary people doing something so seemingly simple as yoga. and time i think i am getting a little better and i have one of these classes and it kicks me down 10 flights of stairs. naturally, i have to like the teacher that other teachers go to get their ass kick. he isn’t particular charming or ultra yogi style but he knows how to push me deeper into the practice.

and so that’s why i need to find the other teacher that i’ve been putting off for quite some time. it’s much easier for them to spit on my ego and make me crawl back into the hole of self centered being. anyway, the theme seems to be making a come back in my life dispite my desire to live “more” as in more drinking and hunting.

the next inspiration’s seed was planted a couple of days ago but it’s interesting how the chain of events lead me to be inspired to write down another photography i would really want to do at some point in my damn path. first, this exhibit, was part of the inspiration. great concepts and polarities at work in this type of cultural conceptual work. the other seed of inspiration was at the asian art museum when i am staring at the tibetan thankgas and thought i freaking cool they are. so many layers of symbolism and teachings. and so two seeds came together to beget an inspiriation.