there are these rare occasions in the past year for me to act very grown up and be someone bigger than i am capable of. it doesn’t always dawn on me that i am actually being a role model and that i can’t just be myself. not that i all that bad when i am myself but you know it’s a funny feeling when you realize that if you say the wrong thing it can shape the future of someone’s opinion about that. usually daily adult exchange is so frivlious that most of the shit just goes by, most people don’t actually listen and digest communication as much as they just want to get their 2 cents in. i think my parents know the feeling that i am talking about when they’re around their kids but it’s strange funny feeling for me. anyway, i took my kid to the asian art musemun on a tuesday and introduce him to the work crew. i bet he thought it was pretty cool that i could just to the musemum with him on tuesday morning. as matter fact i thought that was pretty cool too.

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